Software Development.
Website Designing & Developing.
Flash Presentation.
Portal websites.

SDS is a leading provider of Internet software and eBusiness solutions in the Saudi Arabia.

SDS has offices Dubai , Jeddah and will be in Reyadh as soon as possible and has a team of specialized and talented Internet professionals.

SDS provides advanced solutions in the areas of, Web-Based Content Management, Business Process Automation, Media Streaming, and IT Consulting.


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We help bring customers to you and to your business by providing the right tools that you need to succeed on the Internet.

How does SDS do this? We listen to you and hear what you have say about what is important to your business (at our complimentary consultation). Then, we take our experience in sales and marketing, and Internet experience and go to work for you, putting ideas together to make your website and business successful.

SDS strives to provide the best and most comprehensive Internet Solution for your Internet and Website needs.

We make sure you have someone, a real person, with whom to consult or talk over a challenge with too.

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